Our Founder

Andy Booth resides in Gibraltar, a small country located in the south of Spain, and is a domain industry veteran.


Andy Booth


Andy spends his time between Gibraltar and Dubai. The concept of Dimension arrived to him when given the opportunity to purchase what was one of the internet's oldest .com domains, (registered in 1989).

Booth, with many years in the domain industry, felt that Dimension was the right brand name for a boutique domain brokerage. We have since decided that is a more fitting brand name. Previously Andy had only worked with large corporate clients for brokerage, however, thanks to the creation of Dimension (now, is now accepting new requests.

Andy was the first of the Booth brothers to work in the domain industry and decided to teach others all about it, including well-known brother James Booth of The concept of naming brands has always come naturally to Andy who had an affinity for computers from an early age. Feel free to reach him via e-mail by clicking here.