Sell a Domain Name

Booth is happy to assist in the sale of premium .com domains. We find the right buyer for your name.


Selling premium domains


Booth has the connections to help sell your premium domain name. We understand that sometimes your situation changes and you may need liquidity for other things in life. It isn't always possible to find the perfect buyer for your domain, but Booth has amassed enough industry connections to make liquidating domains painless and relatively fast. Here are some advantages to selling with us:

  • Total discretion with your domain
  • We won't put your domain in a precarious legal situation
  • We can handle the technicals
  • We can determine your domain's liquid value and give you a no-nonsense estimate of its likely sale price
  • We will only charge 10% commission for its sale
  • We take care of all aspects relating to the sale and will only bring offers within your ballpark.

    E-mail with your domain and expected price and we will endeavor to contact you back ASAP.