Domain Value

Your domain's value is very subjective and can change with market trends and popularity at the time


How to value your domain


Booth will put to use our years of experience of actual sales to be able to provide a realistic valuation for your domain or the domain you are looking to acquire. If you want us to appraise your name, click here. Some of the factors that go into valuing a domain are as follows:

  • Length of domain, generally the shorter the better
  • Brandability. This is a big one. Does it resonate? Is it memorable?
  • Radio test. Does it pass? If it can be said without getting confused over the radio, that goes a long way.
  • One word, snappy domain goes a lot further start-ups. Own your word.
  • Words are not all created the same. Positive and easily-spelled words rise above the rest.
  • .com is absolutely critical as it is recognized globally as the number one TLD.

    E-mail if you have any further questions.