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To save you asking a common question, we have compiled a list of FAQs.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long have Booth.com been around?
A. We were founded under the 'Dimension' brand in 2022, but Andy and his staff have been in the space since the early 2000s. We since re-branded back to Booth.com.

Q. What is your speciality?
A. Our real skillset, as illustrated by the incredible domains purchased over the years, is stealth acquisition for companies. We only work with the highest-tier domains.

Q. What do you charge?
A. We keep commissions low and fair, 10% on both the buy and sell side.

Q. What are the best domains you've had?
A. Too many to count, but we have held domains such as Face.com, LG.com, Weed.com, Universal.com, Aura.com, Pulse.com and many more over the years.

Q. Do you keep negotiations anonymous?
A. We will never disclose our buyer/seller's identity and keep information confidential.

Q. Is this the Booth brothers?
A. Andy is the original Booth brother to start in the space and preceded James by around a decade. James has his own brokerage and does business individually. There is no affiliation directly between our business activities.

Q. How do we get in touch?
A. Go to the contact page here.